Got a lot of mouths to feed?

How to enjoy your first Korean BBQ

If you are visiting a Korean restaurant for the first time then perhaps you are a little unsure what to expect. The most important thing to remember when visiting a Korean BBQ is that you shouldn't go alone. A Korean BBQ is best enjoyed as a social experience. You will get far more out of the occasion if you attend as one of a party of friends. Eating together not only provides the opportunity for you to enjoy good company but you also get to try a much greater variety of dishes during your visit.

If you're ready to try Korean BBQ, here are some answers to common questions. 

What should you expect during your visit to a Korean BBQ?

It is important to be hungry when you enter a Korean BBQ. Many of the restaurants have an 'all you can eat' policy and to make the most of your time there you will want to be able to sample a wide variety of dishes. Korean BBQ meals can often last two or three hours from the time the first banchan (side dish) is brought out until you retire from the table pleasantly full.

Banchan could be almost any type of side dish, while it is often brought out first you are not expected to eat it all before the main course. Rather, it should be eaten alongside the meat and when finished will be replenished by the restaurant.

What type of food will be served?

With a Korean BBQ, you need have no concerns about a shortage of options. While the meal could start with a salad and include plenty of banchan the centrepiece of the meal will be a rich supply of sliced, marinated meat accompanied by a selection of sauces. You might be offered bulgogi a savoury beef dish marinated in soy sauce, garlic and sesame oil or perhaps raw pork belly or beef tongue. Alternatively, you could enjoy squid or brisket. If you prefer not to eat meat then why not sample eggplant, tofu or grilled mushrooms?

Alongside these dishes, there will probably be served a variety of kimchi, pickles and wraps. When you sample the sauces you should expect to experience a tantalising array of spicy or salty flavours that will truly enhance the flavour of whichever meat dish you are enjoying at the Korean BBQ.

If you're ready to try Korean BBQ with family and friends, contact local restaurants to learn more.