Got a lot of mouths to feed?

3 Wallet-Friendly Ideas To Set A Delicious Wedding Menu—Without Going Broke

With the average wedding in Australia setting couples back $36,200, you're probably looking for ways to save on costs, especially with food, alcohol and venue costs consuming a significant chunk of your budget. Tightening your wallet is a lot easier than you think with some smart choices. Here are some wallet-friendly ideas to help you set a delicious wedding menu—without going broke.  

Cut Down The Cost Of Wait Staff By Placing Entrees On Tables

The minimum labour rate in Australia is $17.70 per hour, which can be expensive when you need to hire wait staff to serve canapés and entrees to your wedding guests. A good way to avoid having to pay labour costs is to have the canapés placed on a large table in the reception venue, so that guests can help themselves to the food without waiting to be served. It's also a great way to get people to interact with each other instead of being confined to their respective tables. Your wedding caterer can set up the table to make it look attractive, not only for pictures, but also for your guests to enjoy.

Choose Simple Dishes That Are Less Labour Intensive

Some dishes are less labour intensive than others, which also means that they come with more affordable price tags, perfect for couples on a tight budget. But just because they are cheaper doesn't mean that they won't be tasty. You can serve delicious dishes on a lower budget by making the right choices together with your wedding caterer. For example, beautifully plated platters of cold meats and cheese varieties can delight your guests without costing you a fortune. Similarly, dishes like lasagna bakes are less labour intensive than dishes like filet mignon steaks, which bode well for your wallet in the long haul.

Opt For Dish Ingredients That Are In Season  

Certain ingredients for dishes are more expensive than others during different seasons, so your best option is to avoid them when you're on a budget. For example, potatoes are found in abundance during autumn and winter, which means that they will be cheaper if you're getting married around this time. Similarly, blackberries, cherries and blueberries are found commonly during summer, which means that a berry platter in summer will be a cheap and delicious option for your wedding. Opting for seasonal ingredients will help you keep your budget for food down to a minimum without compromising on taste.

Setting a delicious menu isn't hard. But when you're on a budget, good planning is key. Follow these tactics and talk with local wedding catering companies about cheap options so that you don't go broke.